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Wealth Management

Wealth management is the professional craft of addressing your stated financial goals while navigating the changes of market conditions and personal circumstances…simply put, your financial plan in action. With the financial boundaries in place via the financial plan combined with the personalized Riskalyze number and YOUR Family Index Number, a proper portfolio allocation can then be built uniquely tailored for you. Most accumulate investments over time and are uncertain about the role each investment plays in their portfolio. Do you know why you own what you own?

Do People Know Why They Have Investments? (:53)

Properly delivered wealth management would include the following aspects:

  • Financial Plan to express the goals and purpose of your full balance sheet 
  • YOUR Family Index Number to measure your results over time vs. your stated objectives 
  • Personalized Riskalyze score to accurately gauge risk tolerance 
  • Regular meetings to discuss changes in the market and personal circumstances 
  • Cash Flow Management to ensure you have sufficient cash when needed 
  • Investment Management to allocate, rebalance and meet the portfolio mandate 
  • Tax Planning to coordinate with your CPA tax savings opportunities 
  • Estate Planning to coordinate with your attorney and carry out your wishes over the generations