Debi Hayne

Office Manager

My name is Debi and I have the pleasure of being the Office Manager at pi Wealth Management.  I’ve been working in the financial investment industry for nearly 22 years. I love working with the clients and the variety of tasks the job brings each day.

I have a diverse background. I’ve served in the US Navy, worked in retail sales, computer science, banking and transportation logistics before ending up where I am today. I find satisfaction and heartfelt pleasure assisting our clients as they work through the issue at hand and continue towards their goals.

I love to travel. Not by plane, but by car; sign me up for a road trip any day! But, I’ll never be gone too long because I start to miss my wonderful fur-babies. When I’m not on the road or at work, I love helping others and enjoying some quiet time by reading, doing craft projects, yard work, shoveling, and even doing the dishes or ironing.  No matter what I’m doing, I’ll find the hidden joy!