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Investment Philosophy

The core of what all investment advisors do is managing money. This process is what truly differentiates one advisor from another. At pi Wealth Management we passionately believe in our investment philosophy and hope you have the courage to challenge your current paradigm, think logically, and invest a few moments looking at an evidence-based approach. We invest our own money right alongside our clients’ assets utilizing this approach. We believe the cook should eat their own cooking. 

Unlike most advisors that employ “active” management strategies (the concept of picking winners to outperform the stated benchmark), we apply science to your portfolio and rely upon proven market dimensions of expected return. In simple terms, we are more like “the house” in Las Vegas than the professional gambler. After all, if picking stocks worked…then why do advisors need clients? 

Applying Science to Investing (2:17)

Headlines are designed to catch your attention. Prognostications from “experts” carry emotional weight from sources we trust and influence our financial decisions. Have you ever wondered about the accountability of those claims? If making correct market predictions were fruitful and repeatable, wouldn’t we see more evidence of market outperformance? Instead we see a lot of marketing, stories, ideas and future hopes. We are emotional beings and influenced by stories. Numbers are boring to most people…but they are very important! Please invest a few minutes into the origin of how this evidence-based philosophy was born and how it can help your portfolio. Your financial future depends on the decisions of today.

Dimensional Origins (4:19)